And so it begins…

Why are we hardwired to focus on the negative?

Why are the celebrated and/or highlighted events in our histories so limited and biased?

And why, oh why do we just accept it?

The things that separate us are so insignificant yet the prejudices, fears, anxieties and irrational thinking (we all suffer from) continue to rule, divide and segregate us even further. No one, regardless of race, gender, culture or beliefs should have any reason to hate, envy or be fearful etc of another human being. In 2018 we should all be ashamed to partake and live in a society that still allows this antisocial behaviour to continue.

The histories we are taught do not instil pride and honour in most, instead they work to undermine racial and cultural pride and promote inferiority and negative self image within the conquered/colonised/enslaved groups . The reality of the situation is way more inclusive and harmonious, at least on an intellectual and spiritual level.We all seem to suffer from some sort of abandonment complex, a displaced and possibly genealogical trauma that keeps us in this state of unrest,where a unknown/unfamiliar  human or group of humans, is still as much of a threat to our comfortable ideal way of life, as a person literally running up to you to attack you with a weapon.

I believe culture and ancestry and the knowledge therein, holds the key to solving part of the problem that is racism/extreme prejudice. Understanding the history of your culture and race, the sacrifices and discoveries made by your ancestors,the heroes and heroines,the myths and legends, the tangible and intangible contributions they made in our human story….can only serve as positive reinforcement for pride and honour and most importantly, a sense of accomplishment and belonging. It is important to give people a balanced and honest representation of history, otherwise we end up with a biased and unrealistic representation of humanity. This then creates power structures unattainable to majority of the human population which grows contempt in those that are not properly represented,discarded and rejected. This then breeds the hatred and jealousy, low self esteem and comparative analysis that seems to go on between differing racial groups and within same racial groups!

I am hoping to use this blog to express my opinions, share information, relevant news and anecdotal scientific evidence (where able). I hope to demonstrate that all of us have an important role to play in the development and evolution of the human race.

In the end I want us all to consider how much more productive,harmonious and advanced our civilisation would become if we could understand the real contributions we’ve made separate of each other and together. Maybe we could eradicate the  irrational insecurities behind racism and prejudice and appreciate our true value to one another.

Empress Wisdom